Dell PowerEdge C1100 Review

  Intel 2x Xeon 4 core 2.26GHz 32GB DDR3 Ram 4 HDD Bays Supports Virtualization We bought two of these for work for about $500 each, plus 6 2tb harddrives. Overall we have used them over 1 year with no problems. Tons of ram, good price. Runs 4 MS 2008 servers easy. Fast boot time and

Raspberry Pi Review

Happy Birthday! I played with this for about 6 hours, found that over all the speed was terrible. I was able to get a light to blink but it was very cumbersome. Later I used it in a project at work for a lobby presentation PC. It worked good until the power blinked which caused

Iphone Laser Lense Magnification

Tiny Worlds One day I read a article about how to use laser lenses to take micro photos. First thought was wait a min I have a laser lens laying somewhere I used with a dvd rw one time. Next thing I knew, I was all over the place taking pictures. I used the small laser lens

Routing Table

Instead of buying a $500 tiny table This is a practice piece. I also built a fence. Needed: 2x 8×5 hardwood plywood sheets 1 inch screws Polyurethane glue Straight shake router bit Router Poly carbonate sheet (size based on router) Small hex screws rounded on both ends Tung nut oil for finishing Tools: Band saw Drill

AdaFruit Icetube Clock Review

  This was a gift from my girl friend one Christmas last year. I put it together in about a hour to two. One problem was a transistor, apparently AdaFruit has sent out 2 different kinds and they solder in opposite directions. They also forgot to send me a 10k resistor. I had  few laying around

Removing Rust With Electrolysis

I bought a muzzle loader revolver from my grandfather. It was a clone of a 1860s colt made in 1960s value of the weapon is around $50. I fired it a few times and put it away in a safe place cleaned. My hiding place must have been exposed to moisture and rusted this gun the rest were safe.

Monitoring Inbound Connections with Batch

At work we use Sage 50 accounting software and I needed a easy way to see if anyone was using the server. This bat file uses the static IP addressing of clients and netstat to find all open port communications related to Sage 50.

Simple Brute Force Password Cracking V2

To continue on from my last post. I have a device that shouldn’t have a backdoor telnet port open, and I’m trying to break it. The device came with a default 8 character on another port all lower case password already. So I am assuming this backdoor is the same type. One great thing is that the device does not lock

Simple Brute Force Password Cracking V1

I have a device that shouldn’t have telnet open but it does. The manufacturer would not release the password. So I improvised. Let me introduce you to AutoHotKeys. AutoHotKeys a free software allowing you to program keystrokes and ‘replay’ them in any window. It is great for email signatures, or performing really long tasks