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Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod V2

The code: Ref. Please check out version one of the mod on this website for more information.   Please follow and like us:

Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod V1

Adjustable Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod Using Arduino Attiny85 The switch on the left controls rapid fire on/off. The knob changes the speed of fire, while switch is on. I also added a led to tell me if the attiny was getting power. Needed: Arduino FTDI cable Attiny85 10uf capacitor 14.8k resistor DPDT switch Potentiometer 2v led Breadboard Protoboard

Xbox 360 Slim Led Case Mod

A friend offered to pay me to do this for him. I feel like it turned out very well. Needed: Soldering iron & Solder Small wire 3x 3.5v 4pin green square clear leds Assorted pack of Resistors Electrical tape Hot glue gun & sticks Precision screwdriver set (star) Long bladed knife SPST switch (on/off) Opening the Xbox 1. Take the hard