Category: Wood Working

1 Year Cabinet

My girl friend has been asking for a new cabinet since we moved. I thought, “hey I can do that¬†cheaper and better.” Well after one year and building the huge routing table to create this, I am done. This started out as plain white board. I did all the cutting, sanding, gluing, routing, screwing, staining

Routing Table

Instead of buying a $500 tiny table This is a practice piece.¬†I also built a fence. Needed: 2x 8×5 hardwood plywood sheets 1 inch screws Polyurethane glue Straight shake router bit Router Poly carbonate sheet (size based on router) Small hex screws rounded on both ends Tung nut oil for finishing Tools: Band saw Drill

Wood Desk

i3detroit was a maker space I joined while in Michigan. It gave me access to many tools including a $3,000 table saw. At the time I didn’t have a desk, or a decent work space so I went to Ikea found a desk that I liked. Used their paper rulers and notes pads to write