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Simple Brute Force Password Cracking V2

To continue on from my last post. I have a device that shouldn’t have a backdoor telnet port open, and I’m trying to break it. The device came with a default 8 character on another port all lower case password already. So I am assuming this backdoor is the same type. One great thing is that the device does not lock

Simple Brute Force Password Cracking V1

I have a device that shouldn’t have telnet open but it does. The manufacturer would not release the password. So I improvised. Let me introduce you to AutoHotKeys. AutoHotKeys a free software allowing you to program keystrokes and ‘replay’ them in any window. It is great for email signatures, or performing really long tasks

Teensy Hardware Key logger

I was at Phrecknic14 in Nashville and watched Irongeek’s talk on his PHUKD device. I remember him saying he wished he had made a key logger using a teensy but hadn’t had the time yet. So I took it upon myself to do it while in Michigan. I had never used a arduino or teensy, and