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Dell Inspiron 3147 Review

Pros: Overall this is a good 2 in 1 laptop. Amazing battery. Very light. Works good for web browsing and checking email. I also upgraded to Win 10 no problem. Cons: CPU speed and small amount of ram tends to slow me down. Touch screen works but I’ve found I never use it. Win 10

Dell PowerEdge C1100 Review

  Intel 2x Xeon 4 core 2.26GHz 32GB DDR3 Ram 4 HDD Bays Supports Virtualization We bought two of these for work for about $500 each, plus 6 2tb harddrives. Overall we have used them over 1 year with no problems. Tons of ram, good price. Runs 4 MS 2008 servers easy. Fast boot time and

Raspberry Pi Review

Happy Birthday! I played with this for about 6 hours, found that over all the speed was terrible. I was able to get a light to blink but it was very cumbersome. Later I used it in a project at work for a lobby presentation PC. It worked good until the power blinked which caused

AdaFruit Icetube Clock Review

  This was a gift from my girl friend one Christmas last year. I put it together in about a hour to two. One problem was a transistor, apparently AdaFruit has sent out 2 different kinds and they solder in opposite directions. They also forgot to send me a 10k resistor. I had  few laying around