Yashica Electro 35 GT Resurrected

I asked my father if he had that old camera he keeps and if I could have it, 30 mins later he returns from the shop handing me a box with enough dust and enough acorns to feed a family of 5 squirrels.

After cleaning it with lots of soap and water it looked decent but nothing moved, so I used 3 in 1 oil to loosen and move the ASA speed dial, the aperture ring, the exposure ring, and the focus ring.

I went and bought a compatible battery and some film. Its annoying that they do not make a replacement battery the same dimensions, I had to use foil to get it to connect. The battery ended up over heating and only one light worked. I knew something was wrong with the electronics.

The range-finder was way to dirty, and yellow. So I tried disassembling it… which I had never used or heard of a spanner so I didn’t get very far. I found a book that was 150 pages long some where on the internet that was extremely helpful, it showed everything about the camera. Every adjustment, and screw. I spent several hours reading about disassembly and looking at the schematics.

I finally get it apart after striping a screw and having to grind it out, I clean the range-finder and set the vertical alignment. Then I realized the second circuit board was under the leather, so I had to cut it off, cleaned that board, checked the POD and it was like new?

I noticed some of the wires ran into the. lens, & barrel, with all the rings. I traced the red wire from + to the barrel so the short had to be in that some where. I get the rings apart down to the timer gears, shutter etc, clean the shutter with alcohol swab. Then see the red wire attached to three bend sensor switches spaced apart and screwed down on top of each other. I take it out and see that that the one on the very bottom was made of copper. everything else in the camera was gold, except this one piece which had corroded. So I sand it down, put it all back together, replace the light seals with mouse pad foam, since they were dry rotted. Today was the first time I was able to test it. Thanks to Walgreen I was able to get the developed and put on a disk.

The over light never comes on, but I’m not really worried about it, as long as everything else works. I also had a issue with the frame counter stopping at 36, then found out that the new light seals were jamming up.

I have never used a 35 mm, or worked on any camera before. Considering that I keep reading, “practice on a junk camera before you try it on your good one” I think I did a pretty good job

Here are the images I took today. I misjudged the exposure it was a really cloudy day. I took two pictures of everything with different exposure settings. I also noticed that the pictures were a lot wider than my view finder.

68060012 68060010 68060009 68060006 68060003 68060002 68060001 (1) 68060023 68060007 68060024 68060022 68060021 68060020 68060018 68060016 68060014

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