Routing Table

Instead of buying a $500 tiny table


This is a practice piece. I also built a fence.


  • 2x 8×5 hardwood plywood sheets
  • 1 inch screws
  • Polyurethane glue
  • Straight shake router bit
  • Router
  • Poly carbonate sheet (size based on router)
  • Small hex screws rounded on both ends
  • Tung nut oil for finishing


  • Band saw
  • Drill and bits
  • Jigsaw
  • Hole saws
  • Sander

Steps 1:

  • Place one sheet good side down
  • Place new sheet good side up
  • Draw 1 foot guides vertically and horizontally
  • Remove grided sheet
  • Place glue down on bad side of sheet 1
  • Place sheet 2 back on sheet 1 good side still up
  • Place screws inside each X from the grid to compress the glue together
  • Make sure not to strip the screws
  • Wait 24-48 hours for glue to dry
  • Turn over and place on saw horses or legs if built

Steps 2:

  • Draw a X in center of poly sheet
  • Place router centered on top and trace outline
  • Flip over and mark where mounting screws are
  • Mark holes for hex screws 1 inch from each corner and in center at top and bottom
  • Drill all mounting screw holes so that heads stay under the top but still have enough material to hold the router
  • Drill hex holes make sure they are smaller than the screws, they must be tight
  • Use hole saw or jig saw to remove center hole out for largest bit you plan to use
  • Use band saw to trim rounded corners and excess off.

Step 3:

  • Use Poly sheet to create a template out of spare 3/4 inch wood
  • Use straight bit and template to mill out the place for the poly sheet
  • Use jigsaw to cut router hole from center of the place for the poly
  • Test and clean up
  • Mount router on poly sheet
  • Place poly inside mount
  • Use Hex screws to level the plate
  • Sand and finish wood to protect it and make guiding wood easier


This puts away nicely.


1 foot grid


Measuring router



Forgot to take a picture with the hex nuts. The more wood you leave extra around the router the more strength it will have


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