Removing Rust With Electrolysis

I bought a muzzle loader revolver from my grandfather. It was a clone of a 1860s colt made in 1960s value of the weapon is around $50. I fired it a few times and put it away in a safe place cleaned. My hiding place must have been exposed to moisture and rusted this gun the rest were safe. So I went online to find a easy fix.

Good ol Chemistry


Chamber no longer rotates



Make a bath of warm water and baking soda. Distilled water is best because it does not cause impurities to bind with the metal.

I used a 1 amp 12 vold dc wall wart style power supply. Placing the negative lead to the gun and the positive to a piece of iron. I used a old water meter plate, it was rusty so I had to sand it down some to get a good connection. After a while you will see dirty foam on top of the water just dip it off if you want. At the end (1 or 2 hours)you will notice the positive lead metal is rusted more and the negative lead metal still has rust on it but just a small brushing with a towel will remove it.


After about a hour or two all the rust just wipes off.





Chamber still does not rotate but I can live with that. Give it a good cleaning and put it away.

For a gun you plan to shoot again I would suggest cryo treating the barrel and chamber.

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