AdaFruit Icetube Clock Review


This was a gift from my girl friend one Christmas last year. I put it together in about a hour to two. One problem was a transistor, apparently AdaFruit has sent out 2 different kinds and they solder in opposite directions. They also forgot to send me a 10k resistor. I had  few laying around so it was no problem. Once together it wouldn’t work so for a week I had to leave it laying on my workbench while I took care of other things. Once I had time to work on it I felt the only thing I hadn’t checked was that funny transistor, so I switched it around. Desoldering it was one of the hardest I’ve ever had to do. Once placed correctly it now works half the time because during desoldering I damaged the pads connected to it. I wished they had better instructions on this part, I swore I had it right after reading it 5 times. Regardless it looks great, just wish I could use it. Some day I will take it back apart and fix the short but for now it isn’t on the top of the list.




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