Month: November 2015

Christmas Snowflakes

The maker space I am apart of is having a ornament exchange. The first thing that popped in my head was a 3d snow flake made with the laser cutter. I started looking around the internet and couldn’t find a good template or svg someone else had already made. I ended up tracing part of

Teaching Mayan’s to Laser Cut Calendars

I have always wanted a Mayan Calendar and recently obtained access to a laser cutter.  I had some free time and happen to think, “I bet I can find a vector file of one some where on the internet.” Turns out Wikipedia has a perfect one. Please follow and like us:

1 Year Cabinet

My girl friend has been asking for a new cabinet since we moved. I thought, “hey I can do that cheaper and better.” Well after one year and building the huge routing table to create this, I am done. This started out as plain white board. I did all the cutting, sanding, gluing, routing, screwing, staining

USB Key Offline Password Storage Device

I’ve been working on this project since 10-11-14. I can’t release all the details right now but it is a offline usb password storage device. I want to at some point have a kick starter to make this open source and sell the hardware and cases. Not really sure right now but many things will

Dell Inspiron 3147 Review

Pros: Overall this is a good 2 in 1 laptop. Amazing battery. Very light. Works good for web browsing and checking email. I also upgraded to Win 10 no problem. Cons: CPU speed and small amount of ram tends to slow me down. Touch screen works but I’ve found I never use it. Win 10

Yashica Electro 35 GT Resurrected

I asked my father if he had that old camera he keeps and if I could have it, 30 mins later he returns from the shop handing me a box with enough dust and enough acorns to feed a family of 5 squirrels. After cleaning it with lots of soap and water it looked decent but nothing moved, so I

Dell PowerEdge C1100 Review

  Intel 2x Xeon 4 core 2.26GHz 32GB DDR3 Ram 4 HDD Bays Supports Virtualization We bought two of these for work for about $500 each, plus 6 2tb harddrives. Overall we have used them over 1 year with no problems. Tons of ram, good price. Runs 4 MS 2008 servers easy. Fast boot time and

Raspberry Pi Review

Happy Birthday! I played with this for about 6 hours, found that over all the speed was terrible. I was able to get a light to blink but it was very cumbersome. Later I used it in a project at work for a lobby presentation PC. It worked good until the power blinked which caused

Iphone Laser Lense Magnification

Tiny Worlds One day I read a article about how to use laser lenses to take micro photos. First thought was wait a min I have a laser lens laying somewhere I used with a dvd rw one time. Next thing I knew, I was all over the place taking pictures. I used the small laser lens