Simple Brute Force Password Cracking V2


To continue on from my last post.

I have a device that shouldn’t have a backdoor telnet port open, and I’m trying to break it. The device came with a default 8 character on another port all lower case password already. So I am assuming this backdoor is the same type. One great thing is that the device does not lock you out after a few guesses. So I’m just hitting it with everything I’ve got.

As I mentioned last time. I improvised and created what is in the post above. A simple AutoHotkey script that guesses and number counts up and starts over guessing again. After a week of running the script on a dedicated PC I gave up, and turned to letters and numbers. Here is my second simple password cracking script.

One thing to mention is that I am using putty, because it allows you to log all screen output into a txt file. So over a weekend if it guesses correctly, I can go back and see what the correct guess was.

I have seen a lot of articles saying they created scripts to do this with with python or C++ that has the ability to stop on the correct password, but I couldn’t find any examples and this only took a hour to write. So I just did it this way.

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