Simple Brute Force Password Cracking V1

I have a device that shouldn’t have telnet open but it does. The manufacturer would not release the password. So I improvised.

Let me introduce you to AutoHotKeys.

AutoHotKeys a free software allowing you to program keystrokes and ‘replay’ them in any window. It is great for email signatures, or performing really long tasks over and over, and it’s even good for guessing passwords.

Here is a example of a email footer.

Send Thank you,{enter}
Send Shawn McCombs

Now when ever I hit Ctrl+Alt+n it executes and reads

Thank you,
Shawn McCombs

To create a simple password guessing script all we need is to count up from zero, and execute the current number. Then add 1 to the current number.

I’ve let this run for days and the password must have letters in it also.

Back to the drawing board. Just thought I would share

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