Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod V1

Adjustable Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod Using Arduino Attiny85


The switch on the left controls rapid fire on/off. The knob changes the speed of fire, while switch is on. I also added a led to tell me if the attiny was getting power.


  • Arduino
  • FTDI cable
  • Attiny85
  • 10uf capacitor
  • 14.8k resistor
  • DPDT switch
  • Potentiometer
  • 2v led
  • Breadboard
  • Protoboard
  • 8pin Socket
  • Wire

Get Set!

Go to and setup your arduino for isp, wiring on breadboard, software, and select the correct chip. This all will allow you to program the attiny85 with your arduino. All instructions are on that site and must be completed unless you know how to program the attiny85 a different way.

Now upload this sketch to your attiny85.



This is your power auto on pin.


This is your ground or GND.

Desolder the three trigger pins shown in the picture below and remove the trigger assembly. Shorten and bend the middle pin to the outside of the controller and solder a wire to it. Run the wire through the hole displayed below. Then solder the trigger assembly back in with the other two pins, ignoring the center pin. Then solder a wire to the middle pin pad on the top circuit board.


This is your trigger out pin. The wire coming threw the hole is your trigger in pin.

If for what ever reason you rip the pads off the board follow the traces till you find a place you think you can scrap off the silk screen solder.
Design like it matters!
Build this circuit on your breadboard and wire the controller into it.



It should work as describe. If so, continue. Otherwise, check all your connections and components.

If it’s plastic, break it!

Cut your holes in the face shell.

More Wiring!

Wire your switch, potentiometer and led to some long wire and mount them in the shell. Then build the circuit on a piece of protoboard and cut off the extra and solder all the wires in.



Tape it like a pro
Tape the wires down, wrap the circuit and extra wires up in tape.


Put it together, test it. You’re done.


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