Wood Desk

i3detroit was a maker space I joined while in Michigan. It gave me access to many tools including a $3,000 table saw. At the time I didn’t have a desk, or a decent work space so I went to Ikea found a desk that I liked. Used their paper rulers and notes pads to write down all the measurements and went straight to Lowe’s to buy all the materials. It took me about 2 months to finish the desk. I also built it using angle brackets so that I could take it apart and move it if necessary (it’s been moved 3 times now with no problems.)


  • White Board ~$100
  • Steel brackets to attach the legs, top and sidesĀ $20
  • Mahogany stain $10
  • Polyurethane $10
  • Steel Wool $5
  • Brass drawer knobs $8
  • Screws
  • Old pvc cards for shims



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