December 23

DreamHost Mysql CSV Import of IP2LOCATION geolocation datasets

I’ve been working on mapping the internet using a multi threaded python program that scans for open port 80 across the entire internet. I’ve built this front end to the system here.

I also built a screen scrapper for a website that geolocates IP addresses to use in my mapping but after a few requests the website blocks me (Screen scrapper code is in the same GitHub.)

I did some research and found about 7 websites that sell these geolocation data-sets for $50-$5000 depending what all you want. Two of the sites have free data-sets. Free is all I can afford so I’ve downloaded them and started working on uploading them to my webhost Dreamhost.

It would be simple if Dreamhost would all you to “Load Data INFILE” but they will not. Because their mysql servers are separate form their file hosts. Meaning mysql does not have access to your sites files. In order to bypass this issue we have to covert the csv from IP2LOCATION to a .sql insert file. Then run it from command prompt to get the best import speed.

Here you will find the steps and code involved in converting the csv file and upload it to your databases.

I hope this helps someone else with dreamhost issues also.

November 11

Christmas Snowflakes

The maker space I am apart of is having a ornament exchange. The first thing that popped in my head was a 3d snow flake made with the laser cutter. I started looking around the internet and couldn’t find a good template or svg someone else had already made. I ended up tracing part of a paper template into inkscape and playing around with the space for sliding one piece inside another. It only took two tries to get it right. The squeeze is pretty tight but not impossible.

I want to share my file so that others can do this also. They make great gifts to friends and family. I found that spray paint and clear coat helps keep the edge burn from coming off.

File Download:

I tried uploading the svg but word press doesn’t want to take it. :/ oh well.

20141219_164525000_iOS 20141221_045508142_iOS

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November 11

1 Year Cabinet

My girl friend has been asking for a new cabinet since we moved. I thought, “hey I can do that cheaper and better.” Well after one year and building the huge routing table to create this, I am done. This started out as plain white board. I did all the cutting, sanding, gluing, routing, screwing, staining that I hope to ever do in my life. It’s time to put away the wood working hobby for a while and take a break.





November 11

USB Key Offline Password Storage Device

I’ve been working on this project since 10-11-14. I can’t release all the details right now but it is a offline usb password storage device. I want to at some point have a kick starter to make this open source and sell the hardware and cases. Not really sure right now but many things will fall in place over time. They always do.






The first version of the 3d printed case failed, and so did the 2nd. It took about 7 tries to get it right.


I used Oshpark to make the 3 proto boards and used a griddle and laser temp gun to solder them together.

It was very difficult controlling the temp with a knob to hit all the set-point for the solder to connect correctly.




November 11

Dell Inspiron 3147 Review


  • Overall this is a good 2 in 1 laptop.
  • Amazing battery.
  • Very light.
  • Works good for web browsing and checking email.
  • I also upgraded to Win 10 no problem.


  • CPU speed and small amount of ram tends to slow me down.
  • Touch screen works but I’ve found I never use it.
  • Win 10 also is slow to load start menu.

I’ve used this PC for about a year with no problems. I would not recommend it for some one using a lot of programs or that does a lot of photo editing.





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November 10

Yashica Electro 35 GT Resurrected

I asked my father if he had that old camera he keeps and if I could have it, 30 mins later he returns from the shop handing me a box with enough dust and enough acorns to feed a family of 5 squirrels.

After cleaning it with lots of soap and water it looked decent but nothing moved, so I used 3 in 1 oil to loosen and move the ASA speed dial, the aperture ring, the exposure ring, and the focus ring.

I went and bought a compatible battery and some film. Its annoying that they do not make a replacement battery the same dimensions, I had to use foil to get it to connect. The battery ended up over heating and only one light worked. I knew something was wrong with the electronics.

The range-finder was way to dirty, and yellow. So I tried disassembling it… which I had never used or heard of a spanner so I didn’t get very far. I found a book that was 150 pages long some where on the internet that was extremely helpful, it showed everything about the camera. Every adjustment, and screw. I spent several hours reading about disassembly and looking at the schematics.

I finally get it apart after striping a screw and having to grind it out, I clean the range-finder and set the vertical alignment. Then I realized the second circuit board was under the leather, so I had to cut it off, cleaned that board, checked the POD and it was like new?

I noticed some of the wires ran into the. lens, & barrel, with all the rings. I traced the red wire from + to the barrel so the short had to be in that some where. I get the rings apart down to the timer gears, shutter etc, clean the shutter with alcohol swab. Then see the red wire attached to three bend sensor switches spaced apart and screwed down on top of each other. I take it out and see that that the one on the very bottom was made of copper. everything else in the camera was gold, except this one piece which had corroded. So I sand it down, put it all back together, replace the light seals with mouse pad foam, since they were dry rotted. Today was the first time I was able to test it. Thanks to Walgreen I was able to get the developed and put on a disk.

The over light never comes on, but I’m not really worried about it, as long as everything else works. I also had a issue with the frame counter stopping at 36, then found out that the new light seals were jamming up.

I have never used a 35 mm, or worked on any camera before. Considering that I keep reading, “practice on a junk camera before you try it on your good one” I think I did a pretty good job

Here are the images I took today. I misjudged the exposure it was a really cloudy day. I took two pictures of everything with different exposure settings. I also noticed that the pictures were a lot wider than my view finder.

68060012 68060010 68060009 68060006 68060003 68060002 68060001 (1) 68060023 68060007 68060024 68060022 68060021 68060020 68060018 68060016 68060014

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November 10

Dell PowerEdge C1100 Review


2x Xeon 4 core 2.26GHz
32GB DDR3 Ram
4 HDD Bays
Supports Virtualization

We bought two of these for work for about $500 each, plus 6 2tb harddrives.

Overall we have used them over 1 year with no problems. Tons of ram, good price. Runs 4 MS 2008 servers easy. Fast boot time and fans are only loud at start up.




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November 10

Raspberry Pi Review

Happy Birthday!



I played with this for about 6 hours, found that over all the speed was terrible. I was able to get a light to blink but it was very cumbersome.

Later I used it in a project at work for a lobby presentation PC. It worked good until the power blinked which caused OS failures on reboot. I also could not login with ssh because it was to slow to handle a power point and ssh both.

Overall rating: 5 out of 10

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